when this launched in Hong Kong, the news / my friends said people actually went there 2 – 3 days ahead to line up just for this products

but because SUPERBORED / BRAGGARDEN, we got this covered and available FULL @ BRAGGARDEN 9/9 , first come first serve, sorry no HOLD.

Sanrio 40th anniversary T-shirts come in black and white and a GOLDEN BOX …this is HUGE

white is super cute….i wish i can fit this but…girls only….all tees come in black and white colors, S / M

another style with Kitty (of coz) herself and a PINK CROWN QUEEN BOX…

2 colorways, at this moment, i have a few left altogether….

iphone stickers, IPHONE4 only,,,,, be quick

Necklace / Ring style premium boxset

ring ?

or can be necklace, seriously this one i have 2 left at this moment

or both !!!

it looks just SUPER CUTE

keychain ? OMG, it looks just cooooool, it comes in a strap for your cell phone too

CAMERA STRAP ? sorry girls only, your wife or girl friend wnat this , trust me or…

put this on the EP-1 or EPL-1, your girl friend will let you buy another camera…etc SONY NEX 5


come in perfect package

ipad ?

white ipad case, and look at the previous photo, its with screen protector and kitty designed around it

black ?! get both ?

9/9/2010 3:00 @ BRAGGARDEN , first come first serve, don’t call and say ” CAN I COME TOMORROW, I WANT THE…..”

sorry this item is extremely demand, no hold. no discount.