the long rope style we have finally restock, the people on waiting list can come and pick it up ! its been a long time because its all hand made in japan, cannot rush the beautiful craftmenship…..

the short rope style has restock TOO, and those with small handy digital camera and GR-1 , 2, 3 can come along !

SURPRISE ! we will have a few of each color….on the web…no gurantee. if u got refund at the end that means your order didn’t get thru….

finally, for all (including me) needing a Roberu GF-1 fitted strap users/lovers….we got it…but..

very limited, (less than 15 of this is made) …exclusively made for GF-1 users by Roberu, (not even available in Japan) and this is only available in these 2 locations (not even in SILLY THING !):



BRAG GARDEN (available now @ the store)

1711 fir St. Vancouver, BC, Canada

This lovely Chicago born SUPER MODEL, Jessica Cambensy, AKA Jessica C, featuring with this latest Season of WRONGWROKS and SUPERBORED APPAREL super hot items, such as tees, hoodies, caps, accessories… SHE has been labeled as one of the o靚模 in hk, but of course she is so different between all those =)…

She is sweet, cute, energetic and adorable! Vancouverites may not be extremely familiar with her works, but if you are from HONGKONG, or just came back from hk, you must have found her on the newspaper everyday, magazines, MTR huge ad board with her new underwear CM =)

Jessica C not only drives all the Asian boys crazy about her, but girls too! (Girls think she is hot =D)

This time we have Jessica C the sweetheart featuring our FIRST LAUNCH of this brand new series…… SUPERBORED APPAREL FEMME.

Let me present our SUPERBORED APPAREL, new items…

WRONGWROKS X ROBERU ‘s Hoody Dress …(leather company, Special Leather camera strap…)

Roberu camera straps, 100% made in Japan, just like our SUPERBORED apparel, 100% made in VANCOUVER we started it from stretch. Choosing fabrics, Designs, Manufacturing, printing……ALL in VANCOUVER!

Super comfy loose cut hoodies, One size fits all girls! looks super hot matching with leggings or stockings =)