this week we have (finally) new releases…..we got this limited edition chrome STAGE belt in red and

black, very cool, we only got few ….don’t wait….(many people tend to check the webpage and then come down the week after, and then….u know what happen if u read this yourself, u not able to get anything….)

so please come right away tomorrow or latest friday or you gonna come in and ask ” do u still have the stage belt” …sorry its all sold out…stop making the same mistake ! also we got this SCREAM TEE with very cute design from SHOW LUO ~

back of the tees….comes in white and black.

black is cool too

back of the shirt…

and guess what, those who keep waiting and waiting for the WASHED DENIM ! its here

this DIRTY WASHED STAGE DENIM is very low profile but with lots of detail and the material and quality is very high, soft and nice.

we have a few only and u know, same thing, come late, not able to get anything.

Hungry SOUL tee in black…. (we need to come check out the details in the words….)

for those who claim to be STAGE CREW !

comes in white tee !

come tomorrow and cope all this ! don’t sleep !