AES小鬼~ fans, here is out new AES Jacket Release!

PENNANTS JACKET ( GREY ) 小鬼的自家品牌!相信粉絲們的眼睛為之一亮吧!

Just like one of those basketball champion flag! now is an embroidery on this stadium jacket!

also comes in black! limited quantities… it won’t be in store for a long time… dun think… but ACT FAST!


WOOL/COTTON BLEND JACKET. AES nicely made stadium jacket…

Three patches on black with embroidered 43 on the left chest.

小鬼is wearing… AES – Dream-catcher Satin Jacket.

Lookalike to one of those Indian native people’s traditional dream-catcher!

it’s very silky… extremely nice and smooth…

Huge embroidery!

This is the AES new zipup – Leopard skull zipup hoodie

leopard pattern is hiding underneath the armpit.

Leopard pattern hiding underneath… i know you want to be extremely low-profit.

it comes in grey, brown and black.

Leopard skull zipup hoody (parka)

Leopard skull zipup (BLACK)

Leopard skull zipup (DETAIL)

Heavyweight cotton zip hoodie with leopard patchwork.

Embroider symmetric skulls on chest with embroidered skull on left cuff.

available 2/18/2010