the last call guys and girls, after this launch, its gonna be over, no more BAPE x CHOCOOLATE , so do not miss this out, come and get this, this launch is the last project by BAPE x CHOCOOLATE, and it comes with 20 different kinds of tee / cap, each store of CHOCOOLATE has its own color ways, and now, @ BRAG GARDEN we have most of the colors ! pre-order already accepting and please come and get it, its on the way and come on thursday to make sure you get your own colorway tee/ cap / hoody and size !

comes with the last limited multicolor ape can !

come on thursday, 2/4/2010 . @ 3pm, first come first serve, (those ones from last time we still have few caps and 1 tee left so if you thought we sold out, we have a few items left ! anyways COME AND SEE !)