well well well…

lots of people asked me in the new year…

“now u just focus on SUPERBORED / BRAG GARDEN, u don’t even make anything for WRONGWROKS for long time…”

“you now are very slow on WRONGWROKS design and productions…”

“you all focus on running taiwanese brands now…”

“you only blog about AES, STAGE, STAY REAL, OUTERSPACE…”

wait wait wait…here you go…i need some times to put things together and GOOD STUFF.

first drop of the year and its been 3 weeks from last launching…..

new girl, new items, new gear, new products… new start.

something basic and simple is coming out… (you rarely see WRONGWROKS LOGO TEE or CAP, isn’t it ??!)

all new wax stamp with peekaboo, new colorways…(let me tell you there is LOTS of new stuff and new cut and sew this year)

its MEDAL time for the 4th anniversary ! hahaha be playful ! 2 more days, more surprise !