the 3rd anniversary  limited edition tee is here, comes in RED and Black

very detailed and very limited, seriously we only got a few of each.

black colorway…

some are even on hold for VIPS….please come ASAP…

stage crew THE SHOW JUST BEGIN mesh caps

very nice and cool details on the side and below the cap

comes in red too…

not always just T-shirt and caps , now we got TOWEL for you guys to use after gym or badminton haha comes in black

and red (comes in both side)

STAGE 3rd anniversary SPARK HOODY, comes in NAVY

lots of details

and huge print at the back

comes in black too, we have girl sizes too on this and the tees, but very few for girls, so be quick….

the unbreakable hoody…with crack pattern in the hood (like the Air Jordan 3 pattern)

comes in black too !

Bob & Pat tee, “Gose Rider”  Version

Also in black

all in store @ BRAG GARDEN now, open at 2:00 pm today until 6:00pm, ( these new stuff will be in store today and tomorrow, )

our store will be closed from 1/1 -1/8 . so please pick this up ASAP.