Look , its here, we got these …..

Chocoolate x Bape Polkadots VIP exclusive zipup and crewneck sweatshirt

ONLY VIP of CHOCOOLATE will able to have this. Don’t sleep on this. we have a few of the limited size only. (this pic is not as good as the real thing but u guys have to come down and pre-order this, coz it won’t be sitting on the shelf AT ALL….)

—Crewneck sweatshirt with logo on the front, nothing at the back, no hood, with polkadots all over on BLACK color sweatshirt , Size : M / L / XL


Zipped Hoody , with logo at the chest, and also logos and words on the hood, back with huge logo as well.

see, its crazy, very nice again for the collabo, u won’t able to get this even u in hk, because this is not selling in the store, only for CHOCOOLATE VIP … HA HA….and for us, you need to be SUPERBORED VIP to get this, zipped hoody we got  size : M / L

Come down tomorrow to pre-order (we have less than 10) , FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, you can call and ask but no hold, sorry. Bring VIP CARD for registration.