so by posting the BAPE x CHOCOOLATE project for a day, we receive loads of email and request for this project.

here is what the pop up store looks like, the whole store just selling 3 things, RED, GREEN and BLUE ape tee and caps. no other things.

HUGE can display, the can comes with the set has a tee and a cap, its a HUGE can…fits everything inside.

black and white version is available for pre-order too.


very nice, everything has sold out the first day.

so now we have some tees and caps and set left, u can email us for orders. if you are in vancouver, we are accepting orders from tomorrow, we believe everything will be all gone when they mailed here coz people who ordered will pick up and orders are upon request only, once the stock has sold out we will stop pre-orders.

GOLDEN BOX SET, only 250 sets worldwide, comes with GOLD/  BLACK CAP, GOLD FOIL TEe, GOLD/ BLACK CAP.

completely sold out today in 15 mins.

email or come down tomorrow for orders.

OVERSEA customer can email us and deposit with paypal.