So Stage Fans ready for this? this week  we got some new Stage Caps, i know you guys

will like this, so ready for it?  Okay, this is our first star, Black and White Stage cap,

with Stage font infront.

stage_black side

look how COOL is it on the side, so detail !!

stage black inside

also inside, you will never missed out how many STAGE word in this cap (i know you

will count it) HAHA.

stage red

If you like to stand out from others red will be your choice!

stage wtf red

So WTF? no no no i mean What the Fun HAHA, see how much fun you have by

waring this!!

stage wtf red inside

and Just For Fun inside, look how many design in this cap!!

stage wtf black

also come with black, i guess you will only see WTF at night haha, test it

stage 30

This is another one, Stage 30 if you like “blink blink” you really can’t missed out this one,

really nice to ware this to party~

stage 30 inside

here is inside, GIRLS (or guys) come get it !!!  i know you will like it !

stage gold

This is our last one, and is the COOLest one, Stage logo in GOLD.  If you are hardcore

fans of STAGE come BRAG GARDEN to get it, if you are not hardcore fans, come get one

and become hardcore fans, coz we will keep getting all the NEWEST STAGE STUFF!!