beside the jeans,  we got the BB cushions (huggable) and also the MANHANTAN x STAGE messenger bag, very limited !

(i know u probably also looking at the tees, those are the new tees ! come down and check it out ! CALABOBS and FAMILY TEE in the photo) and the one on the right ,  looks familiar ??


STAGE一貫的設計理念Trend equal to Zero(nothing),STAGE equal YOU,簡單來說就是「潮流等於零,STAGE等於你」,品牌創立於2006年,由藝人羅志祥帶領的STAGE設計團隊,不斷的以創新理念注入街頭流行設計,除了原創品牌商品外,也不斷與國際品牌合作,繼08年與DISNEY聯名後,今年七月推出SPONGEBOB海綿寶飽海綿寶寶合作計畫,將品牌定位更加推向國際化。

STAGE was founded in 2006 in partnership with APERY Co., Ltd to launch STAGE flagship stores in Taipei City and to introduce STAGE street wears for Taiwanese market. Our design brands is 『trend equal zero , stage equal you』one of the founders of STAGE HYALINE OF WORLD is the artist named “SHOW” in Taiwanese entertainment, and he is now the icon for the young generation in Taiwan. We have provided not only the original brand and we also cooperated with International brands continuously, we have joined with Disney in 2008, and we have  published 『SPONGBOB PLAN』 in July 2009 , push STAGE going more and more internationalization.