so, the secret has revealed….and here is the store front of our 2nd store – BRAG GARDEN.

the party is all set to go, (start at 6:30 pm) and this is what it looks like from 5:45 pm, sunday, Oct 4th, 2009.

our SUPERBORED / BRAG GARDEN team mate (Yvoone & Sherry )trying out the snacks at the back !

pretty Yvoone is the “GIFT GIRL” to hand out the first 10 freebies to the first 10 people in the line for the 4th year party and offical opening for BRAG GARDEN.

well, without a doubt she is the one who get the most exposure for this new shop, coz she has lots of FACIAL EXPRESSION !

door open sharp at 6:30pm , people are start going in….

BRAG GARDEN store manager – Willy Wonker @ the door !

in the begining, its cool with 10-20 people in the store checking out the store design, taking photos…

and then its getting too packed when there is about 40 people in the store……OMG

our team mates are slacking off and just taking photos on the side (when everyone is trying to get a hold of them!)

and then we have like 50-60 people in the store and its TOOO TIGHT !

look at ALAN @ JUSTALILHYPE magazine, (a vancouver magazine, keep it secret for now, we have something huge working out together) what is he holding ?

BIG THANKS TO WELL TEA, bringing all the WELL TEA x SUPERBORED “shakeshake nuggets” for the opening party !

Jenkin & Alan @ JUSTALILHYPE magazine VANCOUVER.

local famed DJ – Delon Lew, (nobody have never heard his voice on air @AM1470, come on !), he really like WRONGWROKS !

our newest model – Sylvia

more faces!

i got caught taking photos…

our cute cashier and cashier girl with little polkadots cap…(mini cap)

small window for the big purchase ! YEAH! come and check it out ! again our address is …

BRAG GARDEN . 1711 FIR st. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

BRAG GARDEN will be exclusively carrying the following brand…..

STAGE ( by 小豬羅志祥)
PHANTACI ( by 周杰倫 )
STAY REAL ( by 阿信 (AH SHIN) 五月天主唱 & 不二良)

including the new WRONGWROKS 4th anniversary products, are all at BRAG GARDEN.


THURSDAY – SUNDAY , 3:00 – 6:00 pm